10 Small Steps to Simplifying Your Life


Did you know the first week of August is Simplify Your Life Week?  In a world where Instagram algorithms change overnight, many of us are stuck in go mode because we FOMO the latest trends. There isn’t a one size fit all to simplifying your life, but I’ve put together a list of suggestions to get you thinking about what will work for your lifestyle!



Less consuming, more creating. Start  limiting your time on whatever social networking sites you fancy and spend more time trying to do the thousands of things you’re over there envying about.

Learn to say no. If this is something you struggle with, it will take time so don’t feel bad. Before agreeing to do something, tell the person you will get back to them. This will allow you to think it over, and if you can’t say no face-to-face, you can send them the bad news by email or text. Stop over committing yourself to plans when you barely have enough time to work, eat healthy, work out, have a social life AND sleep 8 hours a day.



No phone at meal times. I know many may not agree with me on this, but what happened to no distractions at the dinner table? Okay, you want to post a picture of your dinner for the gram, but post it and log off! Enjoy your meal with your loved ones or alone in peace.

Question yourself before you buy. Before buying anything, ask yourself, “How often will I use/wear this?”, “What else can I do with the money?” “Will it take up a lot of space?” We’re all guilty of impulsively buying something and never using it ! Think of all the money you wasted, not pretty is it? Think of these questions and if you can’t honestly think of more than 3 times of use within 90 days, don’t buy it. Don’t buy an item that will take up a lot of space, and be underutilized. Think about coffee tables, who really use them these days besides for conversational book centerpieces? Enjoy the open space for working out for days you can’t make it to the gym.

Know your priorities. Set them for daily, weekly or monthly, but limit no more than 3, maybe 4 priorities so you are not spread to thin.

Focus on monotasking. Stick to your  one task until you are done. You will accomplish more working on one thing at a time versus trying to do multiple things at once.

Less rush, more slowness. I really need to work on this! Slow down in all aspects of your life. If time management is a weakness of yours, start accommodating your schedule appropriately. Nobody enjoys traffic, but if you’re just going home after work, why are you  rushing just to Snapchat your bed? Listen to a podcast, call a friend and just go with the flow.

Turn off non-essential notifications. You don’t have to log in to see every single thing on your time line.  I’ve implemented this with all of my apps. It is literally an out of sight, out of mind thing for me and I love it.  I set my Facebook notifications to only notify me when mentioned from my favorite groups. Many sites have similar features, check it out.

Put your phone on do not disturb an hour before bed. If you are in many group chats or simply have a poppin’ social life (I envy you!), put your phone on do not disturb an hour before bed so internally, you can start relaxing  and preparing for bed.



Unsubscribe and unfollow. We’ve all subscribed to lists for coupons, free shipping and what not, but after a while, we’re waking up to hundreds of daily emails. Start unsubscribing from places you haven’t interacted with in the last 3-6 months.

Delete  screenshots, old files and irrelevant files taking up space. We all like to keep these just in case…. well, it’s time to let it go ! If it isn’t something of special value or something that you actually use often,  delete it. If you truly can’t let it go, store it in the cloud if you have amazon prime until you’re 100% ready to move on.


Try picking at least 1-2 of the above tips to start simplifying your daily routine especially if you are a blogger or small business owner. Do you have a life simplifying tip to share? Share it below!




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