10 Things To Do In Las Vegas Besides Gambling

10 things to do in vegas besides gambling


Preparing for my trip to Las Vegas after Coachella (4.5 hour drive), I did a lot of searching online for things to do since I had very little gambling experience. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas to see Criss Angel, Britney Spears and a Cirque Du Soleil show. Nothing else mattered as long as I got to do/see any of these, but most shows are held in the evening which left me with free time until at least 7 P.M. The Guest Service Representative who checked me in at The Bellagio was a great help. I asked him to name the top three things to check  out while staying in Vegas and they were a hit! If you are pregnant, a recovering alcoholic, attending a work function, don’t fret, Vegas  has a lot of options that may make you want to return again and again!

Tour Las Vegas

While most don’t realize it, there are a multitude of options to tour Vegas! You can view the strip by limousine,bus, helicopter , hot air balloon and even walking tours focusing on food or wine.

Tour to Hoover Dam

Considered as one of the US’ modern civil engineering wonders, it is worth a visit to The Hoover Dam considering it is less than an hour away from Las Vegas.

Tour to The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon tours by bus and boat are a minimum of 8 hours and about 4 if you decide to view it from a helicopter. This may sound lengthy, but the views are so worth it! The tour we went on had an amazing tour guide and also included breakfast and lunch.

Visit The Eiffle Tower

If Paris has always been on your list, I high recommend visiting the Eiffle Tower viewing deck and the restaurant. We went to The Eiffle Tower restaurant for lunch and the food was just okay. I ordered the Eiffle Tower ‘M’ Burger and my significant other ordered the Aged Parmesan Crusted Chicken meal. Neither of us were blown away, but it was a pleasant meal with a great view of the strip and directly across from The Bellagio’s water show area. I did not get to try anything from the dinner menu so I’d return again.

Visit The Stratosphere

If you don’t mind heights, the Stratosphere will give you more of a bird’s eye view of Las Vegas from over 1,000 feet in the sky white the Eiffle Tower viewing deck is about 460 feet. The Stratosphere also has multiple restaurants and rides! We had dinner at, Top of the World. It is revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes so you can see the entire city while eating. It goes so slow I don’t think I even noticed it moving much so don’t be afraid. I ordered the Lobster Thermidor (lobster stuffed with crab) and it was delicious! It was a lot too, it can easily be shared among two people.  I can not recall what my significant other ordered, I’m going to guess it was one of the steak meals. Remeber all of the money I said I saved at Coachella? I think it was all spent here. I don’t think we had a meal that was less than $80 in Las Vegas.

Visit The Bellagio

We stayed at the Bellagio so that may be one of the reasons why it’s on the list. The Bellagio has it all! There’s high-end shopping, the botanical garden, art gallery, shows, multiple pools, eateries, casino and the water show that reoccurs every 30 minutes from 3pm and 15 minutes after 8pm (until midnight, I think.)

Gondola Ride

If you can, stop for a gondola ride! It was 100 degrees so we opted for a gondola ride inside of the mall in the Venetian. The gondolier sings you a song and everything! It really is romantic.

High Roller Ferris Wheel

This is one of Las Vegas’ newest attraction and I did not get the opportunity to check it out this trip. The High Roller wheel is the tallest ferris wheel in the world. It offers another 360 view of the city and takes about a half an hour to go around.

Attend a Pool Party

Another attraction I did not get to take advantage of! With temps soaring beyond 90, getting in the pool should be at the top of your list during the day. There are endless day parties to attend to cool off and many offer cabana and day bed rentals to shield from the sun.

Go See A Show

Seriously, you can visit Vegas and see a show every afternoon and evening for a week and not get bored. Currently, Jennifer Lopez and Cher have residencies there. Britney Spears was performing there until a few months ago. Lady Gaga is set for a two year residency starting later this year. I’m sure I am missing a ton of others, but you get the point. There are a plethora of magic shows (we attended MindFreak by Criss Angel), comedy shows, Blue Man group and even Cirque Du Soleil!

There you have it, 10 things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling. If you’d like to gamble, do so (but know your limit.) My significant other and I played blackjack for about an hour our last night in Vegas and I won over $130.

What are some attractions I didn’t mention that are worth indulging in Las Vegas? If you’ve never been to Vegas are you interested in going now?

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