10 Ways To Treat Yourself On A Budget

The importance of being good to yourself can’t be overstated in terms of maintaining your mental health and happiness, especially during the holiday season! You can’t draw from an empty well, so when you treat yourself to something you like, you’re not being self-indulgent.  You’re exercising self-care and that is OKAY. You’re filling your own tank. No one should rely on another person to decide whether they deserve a little something special. Even when money is tight and the budget is set in stone, there are still ways to show yourself some TLC.  These 10 things I’m going to share with you are so affordable, there’s no excuse for you not to treat yourself the next time you are in need of a little “ME TIME” !

1.Buy Yourself Some Flowers. Whether you pick up a sweet bouquet at a local supermarket, or buy a potted plant you can enjoy for months to come, flowers are a wonderful gift to give yourself.
Research confirms that our mental health is improved by having plants and flowers around us. Some studies even indicate that the presence of flowers in a work space can make you more productive and creative. What better reason to make purchasing flowers a regular way to treat yourself?

2.Sleep In On The Weekend. Even if you wake up every morning at the same time without using an alarm, you can still make a plan to sleep in at least one day on the weekend.
“Turn off” your internal clock by making your bedroom as dark and cool as you can, and give your brain a nice chance to reset.

3.Take A Nap. Turn your phone off, get comfortable, and close your eyes. A short nap of 30 minutes or so will help to boost your mood, promote alertness and enhance performance.

4.Bake Your Favorite Dessert. Why are you waiting for a special occasion to bake a dessert you love? You deserve to indulge in something decadent and wonderful if for no other reason than you want to enjoy it.

5.Exercise (or not). In addition to being physically fit, regular exercise is good for depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, and memory. Stop letting everyday life get in the way of something that you know is going to make you feel great. You’re worth the allotment of time it takes to run, or lift weights, or do yoga.
Having said that, if exercise feels more like work than joy right now, cut yourself some slack and take a break. Not working out for a day or two isn’t the end of the world.

6.Read! It’s happened to all of us. You hear about a book that speaks to you and you think, “I’m going to devour it… as soon as I have some free time.”
The next thing you know, that “free time” you were waiting for has disappeared into thin air. Stop putting off something you know you’ll love, and pick up that book today. As they say, “It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.”

7. Get a mani/pedi. You don’t have to wait until you can budget for a full mani/pedi to spoil yourself at the salon.
Did you know you can ask for a simple polish change and only pay around $8? Pick a bold new color or a fresh pastel and you’ll walk out looking like you paid four times the amount.

8.Eat Breakfast for Dinner. This just in: you’re a grown-up! If you want a Belgian waffle for supper, with a side of bacon and a mimosa, go for it! Even better? Wear your pajamas (or not) and fluffy slippers.

9.Shop! Yes, I said SHOP. Take $20 – $50 in cash, go to the best thrift store in town, and see what sort of treasures are waiting for you.
Great thrift stores are amazing places to find surprising things you may never have been able to afford otherwise. From designer labels to expensive household accessories, who knows what you’ll uncover?

10.Take the day off. If you have a traditional 9-5, spend one of your vacation days on yourself. Don’t spend it catching up on housework or running errands. Spend the day doing something you love, or doing absolutely nothing at all.
Do you work from home? Same goes for you! Go out and do something fun, or stay home with a sign on the front door that says, “Do not disturb! I’m on vacation!”
Well, maybe you don’t have to be that silly, but do whatever is necessary to guard your little staycation against anything or anyone that might ruin it.

What do you think? What sort of things do you do to treat yourself and maintain your budget (if you have one) ? I’d love to hear your tips!

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