2 Skills to Learn To Stop Outsourcing and Possibly Become Your Side Hustle

2 Skills to Learn To Stop Outsourcing and Possibly Become Your Side Hustle


Everyday, someone new is setting up a blog. Whether simply for personal use or for professional use, we want our blogs to look pristine. We also want as much traffic as possible to get to our page so that as many people as possible are being exposed to our content.  Now, with 152 million blogs currently existing online, achieving all of these things can be difficult. It’s definitely possible! Many people turn to outsourcing in order to tick all of the boxes mentioned above. They collaborate with web designers, graphic designers, SEO consultants and various other freelance professionals who can lend a helping hand to make everything look great and run smoothly. This costs a lot of money and often the skills required are actually things that you can learn yourself with  time and effort. Once you’ve learned these skills, and if you enjoy them, why not pursue it as a aside hustle?  Here are 2 that you can consider!

Web Design

Now, one of the biggest tasks for most blogs is web design. Web design is essentially the process of making your page look and work exactly how you want it to. It includes many elements of standard design, such as layout, color, graphics, and fonts. As this type of design needs to be interactive to allow your user to move from one page to another, you will also have to consider navigation, multimedia implementation, and compatibility with different web browsers and devices (this can mean ensuring that your webpage will work not only on desktop computers and laptops but also tablets and mobiles). Luckily, all of these things can be achieved if you can grasp two things: HTML and CSS coding. HTML stands for “Hypertext Markup Language”, and CSS is short for “Cascading Style Sheets”. They may look tricky at first, as almost everything you will have to learn is in, well, code. It is possible to master instead of paying hundreds and maybe thousands for a website. If you’re like me, in a year or two, you’re ready to change your website anyways so why not learn the skill to do it yourself and make extra money?!  Take a look at how html and css training can expand your horizons!


Many blogs rely heavily on stock images. I know I do and I am okay with that. There are great sites out there that are packed to the brim with high-quality images that you can use and share for free, but then you’re using photos that others are posting as well. I follow so many bloggers and you gals take amazing photos! I don’t have it in me, although I did just invest in a new camera. I think stock photos are perfect for me (for now.) Another side hustle skill to learn, you may want to look into taking nice quality photos to sell. You don’t necessarily have to invest in high-quality camera and lighting equipment (though this may be something to consider for the future). Nowadays, many smartphones have astounding cameras built in, so you can start to hone your craft on these.

These are just two areas that many bloggers outsource, but as you can see it is entirely possible to pick up the necessary skills to do the work yourself and make some extra cash doing it. This will give you more control over your blog and also give it your unique personal touch!

Do you have a side hustle in addition to your blog? 

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