3 reasons why you should provide feedback for services and products


Be honest, how many times have you really sent an email or completed that survey located at the bottom of your Target receipt ? Probably not many and it takes less than five minutes to complete! I am not suggesting to write a review, and complete every single store survey, but when you receive excellent service, bad service or just have free time, do it !! Companies thoroughly enjoy hearing feed back and here’s why:

Shows That You Care    

When you’re providing feedback, it shows that you care. You took the time out of  your day to express why you love/hate a product. Especially with smaller companies, it helps them continue developing great products or maintain their excellent customer service.


Companies Listen To Make Improvements

You’re not alone! When there are similarities among the reviews, companies have a starting point on what needs to be improved or continue doing!

Incentives for Retention

My favorite point, companies would like you to continue shopping with them! Whether it was a great or not-so-great experience,  when you complete  survey, companies typically send  a “thank you” incentive. I’ve gotten a free pizza, Target gift cards and even  a $70 off coupon code.


What incentives have you received from providing feedback on a service or product? If none, start !! 🙂

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