3 Ways To Reconnect With A Friend You Haven’t Spoken To In A While

A result of maturing and making your way through life is that you’ll inevitably leave behind people you once really cared for. It might be your best friend from middle school, someone you met at camp, a college dorm roommate, or even a past co-worker.

With day to day life, it’s easy to go days and weeks without actually catching up with friends besides the small comments and like you leave on social media. Friendships are very much like relationships; it takes two to make it work! Over time, you may find yourself wanting to catch up,but after much time has passed, how can you renew fading friendships before they disappear entirely?

Consider these suggestions to re-connect with an old friend:

Call them. I know who actually talk on the phone nowadays. However, if you can’t initially meet face to face, this is the next best thing! You’ll be able to chat, laugh, and hear how they’ve changed. Trust me; it’ll be worth it!

  • Tell them you’ve missed them. Mention you’ve been thinking about the fun time you had together and that you want to rekindle your friendship. Listen to how she/he feels about the relationship. Inquire about what’s going on in their life.

Search For them. If you don’t have your friend’s telephone number, look them up on Facebook. If you find them, send them a friend request and also send them a message so they’ll know who you are if it’s been many years and if they may not recognize your profile picture. If they have a super common name and you can’t find them online, look for their parents online, call them or drive by the last residence where they lived. Lastly, contact a mutual friend and ask where your old friend is up to and ask how you can get in touch with them.

  • True story, last October, my mother’s best friend from middle school contacted me since my mother wasn’t on Facebook yet. My mom did not have me until she was 28, so how did this woman know I was my mother’s child? My mom’s nephew (my cousin) was born when she was in middle school. He has a very unique name, and my mom’s friend remembered it! She friended him, searched through his comments, and came across a comment I had left talking about my mom!

Be willing to put in the work. If your friend lives further than 20 minutes, be ready to drive to visit them! Show that you’re eager to visit them and mention that meeting up half way for lunch and drink is an option as well. Hopefully, your friend will be willing to drive over to see you as well.

  • Suggest meeting up once a month for dinner to catch up on each other lives from the prior weeks. Another idea, having a mini book club between the two of you and meeting to discuss it at a cafe.

Take the initiative and be the one who takes the first steps to rekindle an old friendship. It’s a great feeling to discover an old friend and catch! Use these methods to re-connect with that fantastic friend from your past.

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