4 Ideas To Earning A Passive Income

4 Ideas To Earning A Passive Income

Why bother getting out of bed for your 9 to 5 job when you can make money by doing very little? That’s the dream, right ? If you’re a blogger, or enjoy reading/watching blogs/vlogs, at some point the idea will across your mind on how to work from home or make a passive income! There are many ways to earn a passive income that can exceed your full-time job’s income. It isn’t easy and it will not happen over night, but if you choose the best avenue that you’re 100% interested in, It will be worth while. I  have some of them here, so if you’re sick of ‘working for the man,’ here are some legitimate ideas that can fill your bank account, while giving you time to do those other, ‘fun’ things you do in your life.

Invest in Real Estate

There are many ways to invest your money, but they aren’t all as safe as houses. I’m referring to stocks and shares, which can be a risky proposition. Therefore, think about investing in real estate. Now, you could purchase a property yourself and become a landlord or landlady, but this can become a full-time job in itself, and the expenses can be huge. Instead, consider investing in crowdfunded real estate, using Realty Mogul, as an example, pooling your money with other investors in whatever type of property takes your interest. You will have to pay a minimum amount, usually around $1000, but you will soon recoup the money back should you make the right investment. This may also sound risky, but it is compared to buying a home for hundreds of thousands of dollars, renovating it and trying to sell it.

Rent Out a Room Through Airbnb

If you have a room you rarely use, convert it into a guest room and make money through those looking for a short-term place to stay. You can make around $1000 a month this way, though you will need to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay. You don’t need to use Airbnb to rent out a room, but it’s well known so it shouldn’t be too hard to find guests and you can ensure payments in a timely fashion.

Affiliate Marketing

This isn’t my favorite option since everyone is doing it, but if you’re good… you can make a lot of $$!! If you have already set up your own website, this is an option to make money. When your site visitors click on an affiliate link on your site, you will receive a commission on the sale of the advertised product. Stated previously, you can make big money this way, although you will need to market your website to make sure people actually find you to be able to click on the links on your site. If you don’t have a website? You can set one up easily on free website builders such as Wix to get you started.

Use Your Car for Ad Space

Own a car? Then you know how expensive it can be to run, with gas, tax, insurance, etc. to think about on an annual basis. Well, make your car pay for itself and allow other companies to use it for their advertising space. You can make several hundred dollars a month this way, and all you need to do is use your car as you normally would to get around town, while your car is wrapped in decals with the companies logo and contact details. Visit Carvetise to find out more about this passive income opportunity.

There are a plethora of other ways to make passive income – renting out your stuff, dog and house sitting, etc. I hope you found my ideas useful, and if you know of other passive income sources that I haven’t mentioned, be sure to list it below!

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