4 Life Hacks You Need Right Now

We are in a time where life is hard. It’s not just hard to try and balance work and life, it’s a challenge to balance ANYTHING these days. Millennials are in a rock and hard place situation at the moment: we work more than one job but still can’t scrape together the money to make good rent. We also live in a time where we are everywhere clamoring to do well, but it’s so hard to do well when thousands of others are trying to do the same thing. There is a lot of work to be done for the millennials out there that want success, but it’s just not as easy as putting an idea out there and hoping someone else agrees with you. There is so much more to it. As a millennial, you need to have life made easier for you, and there are plenty of hacks out there for you to cheat a little!


Hello, Alexa? Everywhere you go, you hear about the robot that can give you recipes, and play you some music and even update you with your own reminders and tasks for the day. Alexa, Google Home and any other artificial intelligence that is voice-activated are all life hacks that will make you think so differently about how you go about your day to day life. It brings so much more meaning to talking to yourself!

Quick Recovery

Millennials work around the clock as much as possible, which means that in the very rare times that they head out to socialize, quick recovery is essential. A Caesar drink can change the game with a hangover tonic to rule over even the smartest hangover solutions. No more salted chips and water for you!

Breakfast Shakes

Time is a precious thing. There’s no time anymore to sit down for a leisurely breakfast, but you still have to make time for nutrition. Breakfast drinks (my favorite are the Atkins Protein Shakes) like these have been a perfectly designed solution that most millennials have absolutely endorsed. It makes mornings so much more efficient when they can be on the go and ensure that they get all the right nutrients.

Food Delivered FAST

We live in an age where we want everything yesterday. Instant news, instant answers, instant meals. When you’re working long hours and you NEED something delicious, websites like this make it possible to order food at any time of day, for whatever cuisine you want. Why wouldn’t you want to be a millennial at a time where this is even possible?! Food delivered and no washing up? That’s a hack most millennials can get on board with!

Millennials get a bad rap for being demanding and entitled. We’re not! We’re innovative and excited about living! All we want is to be able to eat and pay rent and not have to choose between the two. We are here, creating products that will make life easy for ourselves, and if we finally have the power and technology to do that, then what could be next?

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