5 Fantastic Summer Road Trips From Washington, DC

For a lot of us, summer means road trip time! During the rest of the year, the weather may not cooperate, and you also probably just don’t have the time you wish you could for time off. But summertime is the ideal situation to go to a few places you’ve always wanted to.

I have a real treat for you: road trips you can take from D.C. without much of a hassle. Best of all, I’ve searched out some of the best things to do. So, whether it’s a BFF trip, trip with the kids or just you and bae, you’ll quickly find some terrific things to do.

Here’s my little bit of “homework” for you for the Summer of 2019 – pick out a couple of these road trip destinations and schedule some long weekends to go and explore them. While a full 5 or 7-day vacation may be out of your reach right now, 3 or 4 days is often possible for most of us! So, get out there and enjoy all the sweetness that summer has to offer!


New York City, NY

This is a fantastic road trip to take! Many people with advise to take the bus or train, but I love driving my own care to NYC! You’ll find so many things to do in The Big Apple. New York City is one of the most well known cities in the world, and you can reach it from D.C. in about 4.5 hours.

If you love theater, shopping, and restaurants, New York City is a place you’ll want to visit.

Here are a couple of must-see places in New York City:

The Statue of Liberty – Truly a national treasure, it’s been in the New York harbor since 1886. You do need to buy tickets in advance, especially if you want to climb to Lady Liberty’s crown.

Central Park – Not “just” a park, you’ll find a zoo, a reservoir and can even rent boats. It’s easy to take a stroll or visit the well-known Central Park Zoo.

Empire State Building – One of NYC’s best-known iconic buildings. It’s in mid-town Manhattan. You can take the elevator to the top observation deck for free, and see all of the New York City skylines, it’s just stunning.

Rockefeller Center – The TV channel NBC has its station here. You’ll also see the Rockefeller Christmas tree here in every holiday season. There is an ice-skating rink that is quite popular during the holiday season also.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – One of the largest museums in NYC with stunning collections spanning centuries.

The Brooklyn Bridge – It’s a lot of fun to walk across it, have lunch in Brooklyn, and then walk back.

Jersey Shore, New Jersey

Love the beach? Then this is your road trip to take! The Jersey Shore has 141 miles of beach, from Perth Amboy all the way to Cape May Point.

There are lots of fun things to do at the Shore, not just go to the beach:

Six Flags (Yes, I know we have one =in Maryland) – This is a big amusement park, that has fun roller-coasters and even has a wildlife park to enjoy.

Morey’s Piers – Want to visit an old-fashioned amusement park? This one is right on the boardwalk.

Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Atlantic City – Want a bit of casino fun? If you’re feeling lucky, then you’ll want to visit.

Steel Pier – Here’s a terrific classic amusement park, with tons of rides & vintage style carnival games too.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country, PA

This day trip is easy to reach, in Southeastern and South Central PA. Many love to come to what is known informally as “Amish country.” To see how they live together, and yes, they do welcome tourists.

This is a very wholesome day trip to take. You can expect healthy and filling meals, often buffet or family style. You can buy handmade quilts, jams, jellies, pies, and other handmade items such as crafts or woodworking items.

Things you won’t want to miss while in Pennsylvania Dutch Country include

Go take an Amish in-person tour.

Visit the Central Market to see everyone selling handmade items.

Go to the Dutch Haven for a delicious Shoo-Fly Pie, this is a classic treat you’ll only find here.

Don’t miss visiting the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum.

Baltimore, MD

Want a fun day trip that is closer? There are lots to do in Baltimore. This is an especially good choice if you have kids, as there are lots of kid-friendly destinations.

Where to go in Baltimore:

Inner Harbor – They have the Baltimore aquarium that is 5 stories high. They have dolphin and seal shows (I must add, so much fun!) You can also rent paddle boats to go around the Inner Harbor. This is a wonderful chance to see military ships too.

Fort McHenry National Fort – A very patriotic place to visit. This is known as the “Star Spangled Banner” fort. A must-visit on your list.

Oriole Park, in Camden Yards – This is where Baltimore baseball happens. I know you’re going to want to catch a game.

Maryland Science Center – So much do to here, including an IMAX theater and a planetarium.

Check out a Murder Mystery Dinner – Put your Criminal Minds skills to the test.

Roanoke Valley, VA

Want a beautiful day trip? Here you’ll be surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are lots to do in Roanoke Valley.

Visit the Roanoke Valley Greenways, a series of beautiful trails that go through this city. They are about 26 miles long, to walk, cycle, and run on.

Go to Mill Mountain Star and park, it’s a 600-acre wilderness park with 10 miles of trails, places to picnic and beautiful green space. You’ll also find a stunning wildflower garden.

Go to Jeter Farm to see exactly what classic farm life is like. This is a 5th generation owned farm. They have hayrides, pumpkin picking, apple picking, and apple cider too.


Whether you want to go to the beach or a Broadway show, I’ve totally got you covered. So, get excited – because adventures are waiting for you! There are lots of fun things to see and do at each destination. Isn’t it time you filled up your gas tank & packed your bags? Don’t miss out on some of the best road trips for Summer 2019.

Tell me in the comments about which road trips are coming up for you. Because I can’t wait to hear about it!

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