5 Health Check-Ups to Keep You in Tip Top Shape

5 Health Check-Ups to Keep You in Tip Top Shape

It’s important to maintain our health besides visiting the GYN once a year. It’s a good idea to have a other quick check-ups from time to time, even if you’re young! Let’s look at a number of health checks you might want to consider in order to keep in tip top shape.


In consideration of the extensive use of computers and phones, we are all taxing our eyes much more today than we did a few decades ago. It’s not uncommon to see young people wearing glasses (ME!) in order to assist with their vision.  It’s a good idea to get an eye exam in order to keep on top of your eyesight.


Enjoy listening to fairly loud music with the windows down and wind blowing through your hair? Hearing tests are one of the less invasive tests available today. If you constantly respond with, “huh, repeat that, please.” Look into getting your hearing checked!


Many of us fear visiting the dentist and as a result we put off our oral hygiene check-ups which then leads to us developing issues which without early intervention and treatment can lead to quite serious aesthetic issues that require the specialist assistance of a cosmetic clinic such as a cosmetic dentist.  Focus on prevention rather than cure – and the best prevention is to keep up with regular 6 month check-ups and follow the advice of your dentist with regard to keeping on top of your oral hygiene.


High or low blood pressure can lead to serious health problems so it’s a good idea to keep your blood pressure in check, and at least know what your blood pressure level is, in order to make any necessary lifestyle or pharmaceutical adjustments in order to keep yourself in tip top shape.


Given the processed and high-sugar, high-processed fat diets we often find ourselves living on, out of convenience, a lot of people today are in pre-diabetic state meaning they don’t have diabetes just yet but are heading there fast.  Furthermore, high levels of cholesterol which results in the arteries being clogged up, becoming furry, and eventually hardening to the point they restrict blood flow is a major cause of heart disease.  

If you think you do have high cholesterol or diabetes then it’s something that should be addressed by a change in diet to lower calorie alternatives, and potentially supplemental interventions sooner rather than later.  Today, you can actually order self-testing kits to measure your own cholesterol levels or diabetes test kits online.

Prevention is always better than cure and if you want to keep in tip top shape, no matter how young you are, there’s no better time than in our twenties to get started – and your first step is to find out where you are with regard to the health checks listed above.

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