5 Reasons You Should Start Going Back to the Mall


If you aren't a fan of shopping at the mall, trust me, I am there with you.  As a teen, going to the mall was the "thing" so I would go almost every weekend. By time I got to college, it was played and  being an adult, I can order what I want from bed.  I do occasionally go to department stores, but many have outside entrances so I get what I need from that store and bolt. The last time I walked around a mall was 2014.

Over the past two weeks, two people asked me about going to the mall and I had no idea what to wear, I'm so used to shopping from home in my pjs. I'm a very simple dresser,  I wear joggers, leggings and hoodies when I'm not in my gym clothes and maybe pants once a week. I really couldn't think of what to wear to be casual, cute AND comfortable without involving black leggings so I wore jeggings and ballet flats, LOL

I was curious to see how many steps I'd take while walking around the mall so I set my Jawbone fitness tracker to workout mode to test it out. I walked 7, 190 steps just at the mall that day and burned over 500 calories. Based on these calculations, I'd like to start going to the mall (or when I have $) and here are my reasons (and why you should start,too!) :

1.Get what you want the same day: I totally forgot what it was like to be able to go to the mall and get an outfit for the same day. I've gotten so used to needing a week or two so I can order it online and playing the waiting game. The mall has multiple stores, you're bound to find what you want or something close.

2.No need to order multiple sizes: I do this all the time, especially with swimsuits because of my large cup size. If you go to the mall, you can try on multiple sizes there and not have to wait 1-3 weeks for a refund. Also, with many boutiques not offering returns, you wouldn't have to worry about that because you know it fits.

3.Food: Need I say more? Take a break mid shopping to satisfy your taste buds. This mall had a few restaurants and a food court OR bring a snack and disregard this.

4.Be Social: Seriously, I don't care what anyone says, being anti-social isn't healthy! Going to the mall forces you to basically greet and smile at every store clerk, and many will strike up a convo if you let them. Who knows, you may even meet a cute guy.

5.Exercise: I said it earlier, but this is a great way to sneak  in exercise without thinking about it.

I will continue to do most of my shopping online because of its convenience, but I can honestly say I enjoyed this trip and will plan to go back very soon. What do you think, do you think you'll go to the mall instead of online shopping for the next pair of shoes or outfit?

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