6 signs you may be a self help Junkie

Self-help is approximately a $10 billion industry. Everywhere you look, there are a lot of books, videos, consulting sessions, courses, and seminars being sold. We all want to lead happier and more prosperous lives. However, it’s possible to get too much of a good thing. Some people are addicted to acquiring and collecting self-help materials. Admittedly, including myself!! Are you? Consuming self-help information is an easy way to feel like you’re addressing the challenges in your life, but the information is only useful when it’s applied. For example, knowing techniques to improve your self-confidence, but never using them, is like knowing how to do 100 pushups, but never do even one.

Consider these signs that you might be a self-help junkie:

  1. Do you have more books, eBooks, audiobooks, and courses on self-help topics than you can possibly study and apply to your life in the next five years? The more materials you collect, the less likely you’ll be able to actually use and implement them. It’s too distracting. It’s also challenging to try to figure out which one to start with.
  2. Do you skip from one book or program to another without applying the information? Self-help junkies are great at starting one book or program, only to believe that the grass is greener on the other side, but constantly switching between materials is inhibiting your growth!
  3. Do you have self-help materials but have failed to make any significant change to your life? I know, there are lots of great paths to take. If you’re not making any progress in your life, you’re failing to apply the information. Pick something and apply it consistently.
  4. Do you feel a need to know “just a little more” before you’re ready to get started taking action? I get it, you love to learn. I love to learn. Pretending you need to know a little more is a means of procrastination. It’s hard to take action when you’re convinced that you’re missing a few critical details. You’re ready, just get started!
  5. Do you use self-help materials for a boost in motivation? Self-help junkies often love the high that looking over self-help materials provides. It’s easy to fantasize about all the great results you’re going to get. You can feel like you’re making progress (#daydreaming), even if you haven’t done a thing.
  6. Do you find that you lack time to implement the ideas you learn, but find time to read yet another self-help book? If you are notorious for claiming you don’t have time to use the concepts you’ve learned, but always seem to find time to read another self-help book or spend another weekend at a seminar you need to take a break.

Put all of your self-help materials away and choose just one. Pick the most important goal you have and choose one book or course that most applies to that goal. Begin studying and using the information today. For each hour you spend learning, spend several hours applying the knowledge. Take your time and apply the knowledge consistently. At some point, it’s necessary to stop learning and start doing. #Justdoit

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