9 Ways Your Blog Could Change Your Life


Blogging is something that has really grown over time and become more popular in terms of more people doing it. These days it is common to find someone say they wrote something on their blog,  or to even keep it as an online diary. However, in all seriousness, having a blog can drastically change your life. It can really enhance it in different ways, open up new doors and opportunities and even give you a whole new perspective on life. I wanted to share with you nine ways a blog can do that.

Capture More Memories

One of the first things a blog can do for you is give you the opportunity to capture more memories. People have a parenting blog or a lifestyle blog will find that they take more pictures of what they are doing, where they are, how they are acting and who they are with for their blog. While you may have a reason to do it, such as reviewing a destination etc, it also encourages you to capture those memories more. It’s great to live in the moment but equally just as good to capture moments to look back on in years to come.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Blogging can start as just an online diary, but the more you write and publish on your blog, the more improvement you will see in your writing style and the skills you have. You will become more aware of how things read and how things are seen, your use of language and the words you use to describe things. It opens you up to improve in some way, or take notice of little changes to your style that you can make. But like anything, the more you do it the more you improve.

Enable You to Earn Money From It

Although not east, many people who have blogs have gone on to make money from them and there are so many ways that you can do it. I’m  not a big fan of it, but a blog can have ads on it to earn some commission. People can include affiliate links in blog articles where they are sharing items they use or products they recommend, again you can then earn a commission from the sale. Other ways you can earn is through advertising and sponsored blog content, which happens to be fairly lucrative. The more you blog, the more you can earn, and this is why some people have gone on to make their blog their full time careers(#goals.)

Allow You to Have a Change of Career

On the subject of changing a career, your blog could become your job, but it could also open up other career avenues for you to explore. During my  current job search, and depending upon the job, I included blogging as my most recent profession. You may be able to obtain contracts for freelance writing, or you could go into social media management and moving forward in a digital based career like search engine optimization and creating content for websites. Having a blog gives you an online portfolio to feel confident in pitching for freelance jobs, and these tend to be advertised on websites like Fiverr.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Blogging can give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, which can be life changing in itself. You might be in front of the camera a little more, create video content instead of hiding behind your keyboard, or even give you the courage to change things like your style, your hair, the way you look, act and your overall lifestyle. It can be really fulfilling in opening you up to a new world of possibility.

Going On To Write a Book

A blog could give you the ideal stepping stone, idea or even content to create your own book. Many people are told that they have a book in them, but knowing how to go about it is a totally different subject to navigate. A look online here at this article could help you with the steps to take to ensure that you get your idea and book created. Many bloggers have gone on to be published authors and it has opened up a whole new career path for them. We all follow someone on IG that has created a book from their content or for their niche!

Develop New Passions and Hobbies

Blogging could also help you in terms of things you feel passionate about. It could open your mind up to a new possibilities of hobbies to try or even developing passions that you currently have. It may encourage you to practice with your camera a  little more often, try new fitness trends or take on different hobbies that enable you to again step out of your comfort zone, and maybe earn money from.

Learn New Things

When people start their blogging journey, the likelihood is that they have no clue how to create a website, what content they want to create, they just have an idea. However, it is something that you tend to learn as you go and that is the beauty of it, because you will always find that you are leaving something new. A different layout for your blog including code, creating and maintaining a content calendar (if you use one.) Trying different things for more creative content and learning as you go is all apart of the process. Aside from that you get to learn about different products and lifestyles, encouraging you to try different things.

A Form Of Therapy

Finally, one thing many people would say is that blogging can be a form of therapy for you. You don’t have to put your face on it, or your name, it can be anonymous and it can be a form of therapy. For years writing things down has helped people. Writing can get things off people minds and look at it from a different point of view. Blogging is the modern way of doing this, but it can also allow you to reach out to others, to seek advice from people in similar situations or enable you to share your experience which in turn could help people in the future.

I hope that this has encouraged you to see some of the amazing things that could come from starting a blog. If you’re a blogger, what are some ways blogging has helped you?

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