Beauty Blunders And How to Fix Them!

Beauty Blunders and How to fix them

Experimenting with your look can be so much fun. Switching up your style helps you to show your personality, it can give you a much-needed change after a breakup or it can just be a way to play with trends. There are all kinds of products and services out there that can help you achieve your desired look, and all being well can massively boost your self-confidence. However, things can go wrong too, and if you find yourself experiencing any of the following- here’s what you need to do!

Bleached Hair Disaster
Because hair bleach is so readily available, it’s easy to assume that it’s something you can easily use yourself with no prior training. You don’t even have to go to a beauty supply store! Highlighting kits, bleaching packs and more can all be found at your local grocery store. However, just because you can get your hands on them doesn’t mean you should! Bleach is so damaging to hair, it can cause that much damage that you’re actually forced to shave your head. If you’ve had a bleaching mishap, stop using any heat at all on your hair, and slather it in Moroccan oil. Depending on the condition you might be able to fix it yourself at home using highly nourishing conditioners, otherwise, speak to a professional. Since home bleaching kits often leave you with unflattering shades of orange, yellow and red, you might need the color fixing too. Trained hair stylists know how to apply bleach so that it’s strong enough to lift up the color without causing damage- something you simply won’t be able to do at home. A Tattoo You Hate
Do you have a tattoo you hate? Maybe you and an old partner or ex-best friend got matching ink. Perhaps you were drunk and had something silly done on vacation, or you might have just changed your opinion on your tattoo over time. Luckily, tattoos aren’t as permanent as they seem, a tattoo removal company will use a special laser to break up the ink- in and in most cases leaving you as good as new. In other cases, if the ink can’t be completely removed (DIY tattoos, for example, are often difficult as the needle has penetrated the skin further than a regular tattoo would) you can have as much removed as possible and have a nice cover up piece done over the top.

Botched Lip Fillers
All of a sudden 🙄 Big lips are in- and the demand for lip fillers is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, not everyone that appears professional has been well trained, and it’s possible to end up with them botched. Always do your research, ideally, you will go with a nurse or other professional instead of salon staff. Read lots of reviews and check out pictures of their past work. Thankfully, you can have lip fillers dissolved so if you’re unhappy with the results, they can be put right. Choosing a good aesthetician in the first place will mean you avoid janky practices, infection or inexperience. This is your face after all- don’t take a risk!

Have you had any beauty blunders in the past? What was your experience with it?

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