Benefits Of A Daily Nap

The Benefits of a Daily #nap - Marveling Millennial

The Pew Research Center found that 1/3 of American adults take a daily nap. There are lots of reasons you should consider adding a siesta to your daily routine too. Don’t believe me yet? Read on:

A nap can help you keep your job – or from losing your kid at the beach. Starting to worry? Stop & take a nap instead. Experts say that a good, 40-minute nap can boost your alertness, help with your performance. It can also keep you from turning in a document that wasn’t spellchecked to your boss, or hitting Reply All to that e-mail. Yes, mistakes do happen – but a nap can help you avoid an awful lot of them!

Face facts: naps are cheaper than a vacay in the Cayman lslands. Most of us get a little depressed when we look at our bank accounts, and we can’t afford to de-stress in all of the luxurious ways that the Kardashians do (or even our next door neighbor). But a daily nap once you get into the habit is a simply delicious treat, with no calories or worry about maxing out any of your credit cards. Put on sunscreen and Shh! All around you, people are napping. You don’t realize it because it’s been one of the best-kept secrets around.

A nap can keep you from driving straight into someone’s house. No, that one isn’t meant to be funny – it’s dangerous. Way too many people are getting behind the wheel of their vehicles when they are sleepy. Take a nap and get some “Zzzz’s” before you get on the highway or any other street. If you feel tired while driving, pull over to a safe area, and set your alarm to take a minimum of a 20-minute snooze. You (and the rest of us) will be glad you did. We all want you to get home safe.

Chase the “Grumpy’s” away & grab a nap! Are you in a bad mood today that you just can’t shake? Your solution is just 10 or 20 minutes away, in the form of a quick nap. Closing your eyes and getting a little rest may change your perspective on work, family, your co-worker who eats potato chips too loudly and well, just about everything! Don’t spread the grumps around, get snoozy instead and more people will want to be around you.

A daily nap can help you, but like a chocolate chip cookie or your eyeliner, it’s got to be perfect. When you take your daily nap, imagine yourself as Goldilocks – where everything has to be “just right.” You want proper ventilation in the room, so it isn’t too cold or too hot or “too” anything, so you are 100% comfortable. The lighting needs to be pleasing to you. Some people can nap simply by turning the lights out, and others need to close the shades fully. Get into your nap groove to find out what truly works for you. Now the time of the nap is super important too. The sweet spot for a daily nap is between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how much of a nap you think you need. Keep in mind that if you nap for an hour or more, this will probably have you lying awake, counting sheep instead of sleeping at your regular bedtime.

I’d talk to you more about this, but it’s naptime for me!

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