Body Myths That Can Cause More Harm Than Good


 Myths That Can Do You More Harm Than Good

Personal development is a broad subject that can encompass many physical, psychological and spiritual changes that we make to ourselves and our lifestyles. There are many reasons why we may want to pursue a better version of who we are and many ways in which we may choose to pursue it. Most of us, however, choose to reduce the path to self improvement into single steps. This helps us not only give ourselves a sense of achievement, but to stay motivated and makes tracking our progress through this crazy dance that is life. Whether we wish to fit into that little black dress that they only have in a size 8, score that promotion at work that will ensure the smirking line manager takes us seriously or simply be able to navigate a busy party where we don’t know anyone except the host without collapsing into a paroxysm of social anxiety. Unfortunately, however, there are entire industries that have arisen around our desire to improve ourselves, preying on our insecurities and constructing elaborate myths to ensure that we are forever chasing an ideal image that’s (naturally) just out of reach.

When it comes to body issues, most of us have things about ourselves that we’d like to improve. Yet, the pursuit of the perfect body may be hindered by myths and fallacies perpetuated by the health and beauty industry that is plagued by pseudoscience. Here, we’ll look at some myths you will need to overcome to pursue the ultimate version of you (and prevent yourself from doing more harm than good.)

Myth 1: Exercise ALONE Will Provide The Results You Want

As a teen, I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and just work out extra hard and I’d still lose weight. That could not be any further from the truth.  You have to focus on your eating and exercising to achieve your desired look and sometimes that still isn’t enough. If you spend each and every day doing endless crunches, exhausting yourself with high intensity cardio and eating super healthy to boost your metabolism and still don’t see the results you crave this can not only be frustrating, but psychologically damaging. What most of us don’t understand is that fat cells don’t actually go away, they just get smaller. This is especially true for people who have lost over 100 pounds and are dealing with a lot loose skin. Unless you’re ready to visit a cosmetic surgeon like  lipo you may never achieve the “perfect” flat tummy you dream of on exercise alone. It also goes without saying that exercise will only ever take you so far if your diet isn’t up to scratch.

Myth 2: A Detox Will Do The Trick

The thought of a quick and easy detox being the only thing standing between us and the bodies of our dreams is understandably appealing. Unfortunately, it’s also a complete fallacy. Many of the detoxes that flood the market are simply glorified calorie deprivation. While this may result in a swift and pronounced period of weight loss, this is simply not sustainable. Detoxes are a great way to jump start your weight-loss journey, but are not meant to be your weight-loss regimen.  Moreover, you don’t need to “Do” a detox, your liver and kidneys will do it for you!


Myth 3: Cellulite Creams

If only the solution to all of our self image problems came in a tub that could be bought once a month and applied to the areas that cause us distress. The sad truth, however, is that most miraculous cellulite creams are total bunk. As they’re unable to penetrate the deep tissue within which the causes of cellulite lie, they’re extremely unlikely to be effective against it. Check out some handy ways to combat cellulite here.


By all means pursue a better version of yourself, but don’t make yourself miserable and / or broke doing it!

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