Our Dating and Dining Preferences Are Setting The New Standard

I don’t know anyone who’s gone on a first date and it didn’t involve food, even if it was JUST  buying  ice cream or a hot dog on the boardwalk. Because naturally, I’m a messy eater, I’d steer clear from ordering anything with a dark sauce the first few dates so I wouldn’t get a stain. I know you have your own thing regarding dates, right ? How about this: Only drink water and have a salad?  OR The male should always pay for the first date, is that still I thing? I think it’s traditional, but sad to say, who’s following traditional values anymore?!

GrubHub and Tinder teamed up to survey 2,000 Tinder users via their app about their dining etiquette during their first three dates. Survey says, dating is totally different from how it “used to be”.

Below is what the survey revealed:

1.Singles no longer order salad:

I have always been plus size so this is a silly thing to fathom in the first place. If it isn’t the salad and bread sticks you receive before your meal at Olive Garden, I am not eating salad on a date. Many agreed with me on this !  Only 38% opted to choose lighter fare on their first couple of dates.

2.Going Dutch is totally acceptable:

With the trending #girlboss movement, more women are basking in the glory of their independece and paying for their cuisine. However, I would like to know how many of the 2,000 respondents were women. The study showed, 64% was willing to agree to a second date even if they had to pay for their meal.

3.Staying in is acceptable on the third date:

I prefer to go out for more dates, but Netflix and Chill is acceptable for the third date.  However, this may be acceptable if it 20 degrees outside and you two would like to see each other.

4.Sharing is Caring:

Assuming things are going well, by the third date, we’re sharing desserts! 69% of the respondents agreed with this as well.

5.Unless you can use chopsticks, don’t bother with sushi

I don’t like sushi so this is a major “not applicable” scenario for me. 56% of respondents prefer that you can handle chopsticks if you’re planning to eat sushi.

There you have it! What are your thoughts on this survey?

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