Do Millennial Women Enjoy Receiving Flowers ?


With Valentine's Day being less than two weeks away, I've been seeing many speed dating events among my MeetUp groups and events on how to have a bae by v-day  so this subject has been something I have been pondering for the last couple of weeks. I know many guys get flowers for their partners, but do women our age enjoy receiving flowers when going on their first or second date? I started looking online and came across some men love/relationship coaches advising not to give a woman flowers on the first date because it is too "traditional" and screams desperation, I have to disagree with this ! I think within our generation we've gotten so far from traditional courting that I think any women of any age would find this as a pleasant surprise. Yes, it is traditional and in my book, it signifies that the guy was raised properly ! Now, I would say if you live in a metropolitan area and you two are utilizing the metro/bus then flowers may become annoying having to tote it around, but if you can sit the flowers in your car or the guy is picking you up, you can sit them in a vase before leaving. According to a study by Floral Management, out of the 522 interviews with Millennials or Gen Y as they called us," 55% respondents said they buy flowers to make themselves feel better and 50 percent said they buy flower on impulse." I know for me, flowers are pretty to look at, they have a calming effect and they simply brighten any room you put them in! I buy a new dozen of flowers at least every two weeks to sit into my living room or bedroom. This depends on my mood, and just being honest, because I can not afford to buy flowers for both areas so I have to rotate, LOL. So, I am curious, Would you like it if your date purchased you flowers or even an edible arrangement to give you on the first date ?

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