How to Feel More Balanced Every Day

How to Feel More Balanced Every Day


We all would like to feel more grounded and stable, but things that happen in life knock us out of balance from time to time. While you have little or no influence on what happens around you, it is possible to change how you react to the events and people. Finding balance in life can be challenging, but not impossible.

Below, you will find some useful tips on how to find a meaning in the midst of the chaos of modern life.

Acknowledge Your Negative Thoughts

If you simply ignore your thoughts and don’t deal with them, you are not dealing with your issues effectively. Listen to your inner voice, and if it is full of negative thoughts and doubts, simply acknowledge them instead of fighting them. Mindfulness will help you move on and find a meaning and a positive way of dealing with your emotions instead of trying to focus on the negatives. If you don’t acknowledge your thoughts, you are likely to be influenced by them unconsciously.

Face Your Fears

Whatever you are trying to avoid might be holding you back from achieving your goals. If you are scared of interviews, you might never get out of that dead end job. In case you are struggling with driving anxiety, your work options will be limited. You are going to think about what might happen instead of confronting your fears and facing them head on. If you are not able to work on facing your fears and getting rid of anxiety, you might need help from a friend or support group who will provide you with the positive affirmations you need.

Stay True to Your Beliefs

We have all seen programs where the main character was stressed out because they were not happy about what they were doing. Whether you are dealing with a serious ethical dilemma or simply don’t agree with the approaches of the company you are working for, you need to find a way to make changes that let you stay true to your beliefs and values. If you think why you are not doing what you are meant to do, you are going to fall out of balance.

Prioritize Your Tasks

It is crucial that you don’t get overwhelmed and focus on one task at a time. Unfortunately, we tend to start tackling our to-do list with the easiest item. However, the hardest things you do in life are often the ones that bring in the most results. You need to go through your tasks based on priority. Determine the order based on which action will take you closer to your goal. If you are having problems with prioritizing, take a break and look at the list in a few days.

Keep Your Eyes on The Prize

It is easy to get distracted in the busy life of the 21st century. You will be influenced by ideas you hear on the radio, on your way to work, people interacting with you at work, and even friends. However, if you would like to achieve your goals, it is important that you revisit your short term and long term goals frequently and see what you need to do to get closer to them.

Reflect On Your Day Before Bed

Many successful people try to reflect on their day at night and get closure before they start the next one. You can use this exercise to simplify your life and highlight the things that happened to you during the day that matter in the future and let go of the ones that are insignificant. If you have a favorite meditation you can listen to every night, make this a habit that will take you closer to your goal by clearing the clutter from your mind regularly.

Empower Others

If you would like to improve your confidence and self-esteem, you will have to practice being kind to other people. Whether you are looking for opportunities to make people smile through little acts of kindness, or pay compliments to strangers, you will instantly improve your mood. When you make others happy, you get a lot more back than when you demand attention and positive confirmation. Whenever you are thinking negatively about  somebody and would like to change your views, sit down and try to list a few of their positive qualities, and notice how much more settled and grounded you are.


Whether you are a yogi or not, you can meditate and listen to your thoughts and the universe. No, you don’t have to be a spiritual person. Readings With Matt has written an excellent post about this phenomena, and you can learn how to hear with your head and see through your third eye. Meditation can improve your intuition and all your senses, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

Take Care Of Your Body

The key to a healthy mind is a healthy body. If you would like to avoid some of the psychosomatic illnesses and look after your mental health, it is important that you find a form of exercise that both challenges and relaxes you. Whether you start yoga, Tai Chi, jogging, or work out in the gym, you will feel more connected with your body and mind and cope with everyday stress better. Regular exercise will not only reduce our stress level, but also help you clear your head from troubling thoughts.

Staying focused and balanced in modern life can be a challenge even for experienced yogis and spiritual gurus. If you would like to keep your eyes on your goals, stay on track, and get more done despite the regular distractions, you will have to learn some of the above helpful coping mechanisms and turn them into a habit of self-care and self-compassion and celebrate the positives in yourself and others.

How do you maintain balance in your daily life?

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