Free Alternatives To Microsoft Office


Through out high school and college, Microsoft Office dominated what I used on my computers. Recently, I noticed it no longer comes installed on your computer at a discounted price! Now, you have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription which is ridiculous, this isn’t Netflix!

This post is  late as many students have returned to school , but I still wanted to share the info!  The average person might create a resume (primarily what I use Word for now), spreadsheet or create a few word documents. Why pay for all these features you don’t use. I am going to give you a list of the free alternatives below!


Google Office Suite

Google Office Suite offers spreadsheets, word documents, slides and more! All are features free and are compatible with Microsoft Office. You can also download the apps directly to your smartphone or tablet and have access when you are out and about!  Google Office Suite can be accessed on the web, a smartphone or tablet. All you need is a Google Account (Free to sign up). I really like using the spreadsheets, they are easy to create, and I love how I can access it from my phone.


LibreOffice is another winning alternative to Microsoft Office! What is so compatible about LibreOffice is it can do about 90% of all the tasks that Microsoft Office offers. With a few clicks, you can have it downloaded on your computer and ready to work in no time flat! It offers feature-rich tools that really give you rein to be creative and create work you are proud of.  Impressed with how the software encompassed everything Microsoft Office has and more, I downloaded LibreOffice right away after discovering it. Keep in mind, I don’t do anything super techy or elaborate, but for my basic needs of Word and Spreadsheets, I am able to do anything with LibreOffice. What makes LibreOffice nice is it offers templates so it makes it easier to create!

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is very similar to the same format and features as the LibreOffice. You can create word documents and more using their features and tools! It is a great one to choose and works great. It isn’t as tech savvy as Libre but is very comparable.

Apple iWork

If you have an Apple you might consider iWork! This is a free download, and, iWork is great for creating presentations, spreadsheets, word documents, same as Microsoft Office. I actually started my senior thesis on my iPad using Pages for the first 12 pages after my puppy cracked my laptop screen.  It offers some pretty popular and user-friendly features! One awesome feature is the real-time collaborations, you can have other people viewing the same thing, so you can work together on your computer, iPad or iPhone!

Dropbox Paper

DropBox Paper is where you can create and edit documents, and collaborate with your friends and/or co-workers with ease. It is a web-based work platform where you can create spreadsheets, presentations, word documents and more. It has come out of the beta testing and seems to be working well and users are liking it. This is great for teams who can comment or make suggestions on work in real-time.

Calligra Office

Calligra Office is a simple software that allows you to create simple flowcharts, database management, and more. It is free and doesn’t have all the same features as say OpenOffice or LibreOffice but still can be useful for some users.



Are you currently using an alternatives to Microsoft Office? If so, share what you’re using and your experience with it thus far!!


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