How To Survive A Party When You Don’t Know Anyone Besides The Host

People don’t believe me when I say I am shy and that often times, I am an introvert. Until fourth grade, I was the student that kids wouldn’t know was in the class until attendance was called. I never really grew out of it, but was comfortable with my small circle of friends who made me feel more confident. Naturally, I only interacted with them so the remainder of my elementary years were smooth sailing. Due to Facebook, I am still in contact with some of my childhood friends today! Officially, I consider myself an ambivert. Take the quiz below to find out if you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert.

I am the leader, planner and organizer amongst the people I know when it comes to gatherings, trips and the like. People I don’t know? I am quiet unless I hear something outlandish. Standing up for myself and beliefs has NEVER been an issue. I simply like to observe my surroundings and people until I know what I am dealing with. I could people-watch all day at the park, I’d only leave due to hunger.
I recently attended my Zumba instructor’s housewarming party. The days leading up to the event, I was indecisive on if I should attend the party because I only knew  the host and was afraid of not being able to mingle well. She invited a few other Zumba students that I knew, but I figured many would flake. As I walked into her beautiful home, I quickly noticed, many students (from my gym) did not attend and the guests who did, I did not know. I honestly wanted to leave right away. Regrets of never attending any networking events filled my head, but I refused to leave because I drove an hour to the party so I had to figure out how to make this work.
Believe it or not, it all worked out, and I actually had a wonderful time. I stayed longer than the allotted time I gave myself to bolt if I felt super uncomfortable.
Below, I am sharing a few tips that can help you in the event you are stuck with only knowing the host, or no one at an event: 

What To Do:

Wear Something You LOVE

Wear something that makes you feel bold and confident! Depending on the event, make sure you’re comfortable and not constantly tugging to adjust clothes. I wanted to be comfortable just in case we danced and did an old Zumba routine. I wore a pair of pearl embellished jeans, a white top, statement necklace and jeweled embellished boots.

Bring  A Plus One

If it’s okay with the host, bring a plus one! I am apart of a few MeetUp groups and unless it’s a specific event like, Girl’s night out to whatever, I try to bring a plus one to already have someone to mingle with. I’m actually going on a Cherry Blossom Cruise Tour this weekend, and I am bringing my boyfriend.

Fix a Plate Immediately

You may be able to spark up small talk with others who are fixing a plate. A couple of people suggested what I should try when I was fixing my plate and naturally we sparked up small chit chat about how we knew the host and so on.

Leave Your Phone in Your Coat/Car/Purse

Having your phone away forces you to be open to conversation with new people!

Smile and Make Eye Contact

When people gather at an event to celebrate, everyone are in a cheerful mood. Just smiling and making contact may encourage someone to come over to get to know you.

What Not To Do:

Arrive Super Late 

Try not to arrive too late. Honestly, I’d recommend arriving a little before the party so you can easily get acquainted with others who are attending the event alone. I arrived two and half hours late. Yup, I was just getting in the shower when the party started. If I would have arrived even an hour earlier, I think I would have made more of a connection with the students who attended from the other gyms (my instructor teaches at 2-3 different gyms.) Everyone was friendly, but arriving almost 3 hours late, everyone was already in their “cliques”. I will definitely try to arrive ‘fashionably late’ a lot earlier next time.

Stay On Your Phone

This is a no brainer, but considering the amount of people I see on their phones when I am out on dates with my significant other, I think it is worth mentioning. You won’t mingle or get to know anyone if you’re playing on your phone the entire time. It screams you  aren’t interested in what’s going on, and most people don’t want to intrude.
So, tell me, how do you build the confidence to attend events when you only know the host or perhaps you don’t know anyone? If you took the quiz above, what were your results and do you agree? 
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