Insurance Policies Millennials Should Invest In

Insurance Policies #Millennials Should #invest In

Insurance doesn’t tend to be on the top of millennials’ list of priorities. But insurance policies can provide you with a sense of security, comfort, and stability that can allow you to relax and reduce the number of worries or fears that fleet through your mind on a day to day basis. So, why not give them a little thought at least? Here are just a couple of different types of insurance policy that you might want to invest in.

Phone Insurance

Sure, it may sound stereotypical, but there’s a truth behind the concept that we are more dependent on their smartphones than any other generation has been before them. We don’t just use them to send texts and receive calls anymore. We store essential documents on them. We have our emails linked up to them. We use them to research information, check timetables, make purchases, apply to jobs and so much more. So, if your phone breaks or is misplaced, you can find yourself feeling lost. A good insurance policy will put a repaired phone or a replacement in your hands as quickly as the next day.

Life Insurance

Seeing as most millennials are in their 20’s, the thought of taking out a life insurance policy doesn’t tend to cross our mind. Now, if you have few assets and no dependents, this may be fine. But if you have children or other dependents, you really should start to question “Do I need life insurance”. The infographic below should be able to help you to clear this up!

Infographic Design By Do I need life insurance

Renter’s Insurance

Even if you live with friends, or family, if the majority of your items are stored at that residence, you should look into getting renter’s insurance. I have mine through Allstate and pay less than $20 per month. It can come in handy if any of your treasures are stolen or if there’s a fire.

Even if these insurances aren’t on the top of your to-do list, write them down as short-term goals to look into in the near future as we close 2018.

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