Keep Cool With These Indoor Summer Hangouts in The DC Area


Alright!  Summer is in full swing, and I’m sure by now you’ve encountered the, It’s too hot to do anything problem at least once. I like summer, it signifies longer daylight hours, trips to the beach, weekly outdoor brunch, but the humidity in DC makes being outside unbearable a good portion of the summer. Check out my list (and guide) of atypical indoor activities that are fun to partake in when it’s utterly dreadful outside.

National Aquarium
Unless you have kids, think about it, when was the last time you visited the aquarium? I haven’t visited the aquarium since grade school so I am really looking forward to checking it out this summer.

Monster Golf
I’ve been wanting to check this place out myself for quite some time. Monster Golf is an indoor glow in the dark themed mini golf course. It’s the perfect place to check out during a Saturday evening when you want to go out, but not to the club and also not to the movies.

Can you ever pamper yourself too much? Nope, I don’t think so. Kidnap your partner and get a couples massage. Groupon always have deals on spa services! I’ve been sampling many of the local spas all year trying to find my fav.

Sip & Paint
This is very popular in DC ! I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t participated in a Sip & Paint event with the many 50% OFF coupons circulating on Groupon. Enjoy a day of creating your own masterpiece with friends, food and bubbly.

Trampoline Park
Have a lot of energy to burn?  Check out one of the many trampoline parks that are popping up every where. Not interested, but want to switch up your work-out routine?  Many of the trampoline parks even offer exercise classes now.

National African American Museum
Visit the newest museum in your town if you aren’t in Washington, DC. The latest addition to the Smithsonian, and it is pretty amazing ! No, it isn’t just about slavery. There are exhibits on the start of Hip-Hop, fashion, sororities and a free Genealogy research. It is worth a visit followed with a nice lunch downtown as this place is over 400,0000 SQ FT !

Indoor Water Park
You can take a dip without worrying about getting sun burned or stung by jellyfish ! There are at least five indoor water parks within a few hours from DC, but the closest is in Chantilly, VA.

Board Games
I know this is a little old school, but try these very popular adult board games with  learn something new about your significant other and friends.

Pool Hall
Play a couple rounds of pool!  Try to find a modern and clean hall to play pool, try out darts and if feeling adventurous, some even offer karaoke!

This can be roller skating or ice skating as both offer many indoor locations. I don’t recommend this if you’re going with someone who’s a novice for obvious reasons, but it’s a fond child memory for many and can be quite romantic.

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