Make The Most Of Every Party This Summer

Make The Most Of Every Special Occasion Party


There’s nothing quite like a party. Most of us love getting together with friends, and having a great time, but parties don’t always go without a hitch. If you’re keen to party like a pro and make the most of every occasion, here are some solid rules to follow.

Read The Event Information

Nobody wants to be that person who turns up at the wrong time in a completely different outfit to everybody else. Yes, I did this somewhat and I was with friends who didn’t tell me. If you’re going to an event, make sure you read the information in advance. Look at the location, the start time and the dress code. There’s nothing wrong with self-expression, but you don’t want to arrive  in shorts and sandals if everybody else is in cocktail dresses. If there is a strict dress code, embrace it. Most importantly, Go for an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Start The Party Early

If you’re going to a party with friends, arrange to meet earlier in the day and get ready together. Put some music on, have fun, pre-game and get in the mood. If there isn’t going to be food served at the event, make sure you eat before you leave home.

Arrive In Style

If you’re planning to make an entrance, what better way than to travel in style? In a few months, I will be attending my first prom! My school didn’t host a prom so I am attending an event that is specifically for adults who missed prom (or want to relive the night) and I am highly considering a limo. Limos are a great option for formal events like galas and balls while party buses are brilliant for bachelorette parties. 

Drink In Moderation

There’s nothing worse than waking up with the fear, grimacing as you check your social media and your sent box AND battling a headache. By all means, let your hair down and enjoy a few cocktails, but pace yourself, know your limits, and drink plenty of water before you go to bed. You don’t want to be the person everybody is talking about the next day or spend the next three days in bed. For more tips to avoid a horrible hangover, take a look at this article.

Book Your Ride Home

You don’t want your night to be ruined by waiting for hours in the rain for a cab or finding out that there are no taxis and you have to try and navigate your way home on foot. Book an Uber before you go to the party or ask a friend or relative to give you a ride home.


If you’ve got a packed summer schedule, you want gatherings and events to live up to the hype. Parties can be fun, but they can also spiral out of control. To make sure you have the best time ever, whatever the occasion, follow these simple rules. Read up on the event, plan in advance, keep an eye on how much you drink and, most importantly, have fun!

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