My Grand Cayman Island Experience Review

My Grand Cayman Island Experience Review

I have returned for part two of my review of my time spent on the Grand Cayman island. Last week, I reviewed the resort I stayed at and today, I am sharing with you all my opinion of the island.

To start, The Grand Cayman is the largest island of the Cayman Islands, so naturally, you’ll find more attractions there. According to the Grand Cayman Sunrise, The Grand Cayman is about 76 miles square miles. As you can imagine, that isn’t big at all. With that said, you won’t find the same attractions we are accustomed to in the US there. The point of vacation is to leave the hustle and bustle behind, but visiting the Grand Cayman, you are really leaving a lot of the US behind. You’ll find little markets of souvenirs being sold by local crafters and artisans, but a mall? That doesn’t really exist on the island. I couldn’t even find a plus size clothing store on the island, I am relieved I didn’t need to buy anything.

What To Do On The Island

There are a plethora of water excursions to partake in! There are options to jet ski, parasail, kayak, stand up paddleboard or get in a submarine. Honestly, almost anything involving the water is at your disposal including a helicopter ride to see the whole island.

Popular excursions include visiting the turtle center, swimming with sting rays, starfish point and of course the international famous seven-mile beach.

We took advantage of the Subsea Odyssey tour and got to experience the Grand Cayman’s marine life! It was a wonderful experience that I’ve never experienced in the US.

Beyond the water excursions listed above, there are other options such as horseback riding on the beach and activities that the resort may offer. We did visit Camana Bay which we thought was the closest venture to finding some boutique shops, fine dining and there’s even a movie theater. Honestly, it reminded me of a mini National Harbor outside of Washington, DC that I frequent.

While, I am not a clubber, after a while my boyfriend and I just randomly started asking some of the staff at the resort where do the locals go out, enjoy music, shop and just live beyond the touristy stuff. Obviously, the answers varied, but to sum it up, in regards to shopping, a millennial woman I asked shop online from US stores and have it shipped to them via MyMalls. Some of the guys mentioned a few different venues for dancing, but each night of the week offered a different genre of music for different crowds.

Additionally, according to My life Elsewhere it costs 20% less to live in the US than the Grand Cayman. As mentioned in my previous review, the gas was almost $6/gallon USD! The Grand Cayman is not a destination where you’d visit to be on a strict budget unless you plan to stay at your resort assuming it’s all inclusive and enjoy the beach which is free. Honestly, that’s not a bad idea. The excursions were all fairly expensive with the cheapest costing around $50.

Since we only partook in the subsea odyssey excursion, we filled our other days at the pool and seven-mile beach. Honestly, visiting seven-mile beach every day was fun in and of itself. As I am typing this, I am missing the clear waters.

Where To Eat On The Island

While the island is small, it offers an array of food options! I was actually impressed. Anything you might have a taste for, you can find on this island. We tried a local restaurant, The Wharf and wanted to try some fresh seafood. For the price, I felt underwhelmed as my shrimp was overcooked. However, the lobster and pasta that was apart of my seafood pasta dish were wonderfully cooked. We tried another restaurant, The Brooklyn at Camana Bay and my boyfriend’s steak wasn’t cooked per requested, but my spaghetti and meatballs was delicious. I am typically not this picky, but when spending over $100 for a meal, I kind of expect better quality food. Our favorite dining experience off of the resort was spent at Coconut Joes. The menu there was very similar to Margaritaville’s, but their coconut shrimp has got to be the best coconut shrimp I’ve ever had.

Additionally, I really enjoyed the fish and chips from there also! My eating experience there is a prime example that you don’t have to spend upwards of $100 to enjoy a good meal. Our last night on the island, we had dinner at Eating House 1503 which was at our resort. This was our favorite restaurant! The dumplings were good, the ribs were tender, and the lobster in the lobster fried rice was cooked to perfection! Our only regret was that we didn’t eat there sooner since it was on the resort. however, I’d recommend trying as many local restaurants as possible!


We walked a lot on the island, and I never felt threatened. While we did stay in areas where tourists frequented, I am confident that anyone would be able to walk to their destination without harassment. I say this because living in Washington, DC, just because you’re in a heavily trafficked tourist area does not equate to feeling safe in DC. If you are driving, bare in mind, they do drive on the left side. For this reason, I didn’t feel comfortable renting a car.


As a millennial that does enjoy the American lifestyle, I was initially taken aback that a Starbucks, Target, and mall didn’t exist. After a while, I learned and realized I could live without a lot of retail shops. If you are overworked and want to get away to a laid-back unfussy vacation, Grand Cayman is the destination. You can spend your days on the beach, drinking margaritas and enjoying international cuisine. Would I return? There’s a strong possibility, but not for a whole week. With the flight time is less than five hours, I would most certainly return for a long 3-4 day weekend. You will most certainly feel rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever is waiting for your return back in the big city.

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