My Top 5 favorite Body Care Products From Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores for the obvious reason, EVERYTHING IS $1 ! Over the years, I have compiled a staple list of items I only purchase from there instead of  the supermarket. I buy such a wide variety of things from Dollar Tree, I will blog about it by categories. Naturally, body care products are used daily so I am starting with that first. Each store’s selection may vary, but you can find  good quality products at the dollar store, and save a ton !



I’ll be honest, I switch between Yardley and Palmolive bar soaps for no reason, but I’ll add that you receive three bars of Palmolive for $1. These are my go-to bar soaps, and have not caused any body acne or rashes.  I have sensitive skin (I’ve gotten a rash from BABY sunscreen before) so I am cautious what I use on my skin.

I am pretty sure this specific soap is from Winter (see packaging), but it smells amazing (think strawberries and cream). Dollar Tree also sells  Softsoap and Jergens which are very popular hand soap brands.


I just started using Dollar Tree Acne products, but I am impressed. They are just as effective and the selling point ? The packaging reads, compare to Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment pads and it retails for $7 at Walmart.


Dollar Tree offers a variety of deodorant brands including Lady Speed Stick. I use Arm & Hammer Ultra Max on my gym days and it keeps my armpits from humming LOL.


These wipes are being compared to a well known brand, Summer’s Eve. It is is THE brand for feminine care so when I saw this, I tried it. The scent is nice AND it’s Hypoallergenic. I wish Dollar Tree sold the individually wrapped wipes to use when I’m out, but this is still portable enough to stick in my purse for after the gym or humid days.


To be honest, this is my first time ever using Carmax and it’ll be my go-to. For a good while, I was using Baby Lips by Maybelline. I was browsing Dollar Tree and  came across this. I immediately thought of that video of the chick who held a Carmax  in every picture she was in so I bought it ! It goes on clear, has a slight tingle to your lips and smells minty and it doesn’t cause that white film in the crease of your lips. I also learned that Carmax has SPF 15 so that’s a bonus.

There you have it, my go-to body care buys from Dollar Tree!  Do you have any body care products that you like to buy from your local dollar store ?


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  1. Angel
    May 3, 2017 / 1:31 am

    Good products to try. I’ve been in dollar tree alot lately looking for wedding decor and I did run across a lot of items that were pretty good and name brand. So I will definitely try some of these!

    • Le
      May 3, 2017 / 3:44 am

      Their blog is pretty good, check it out to see what wedding theme projects they have 🙂

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