Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin And Nails Gummies Review

Nature bounty hair, skin & nails gummies review

I have been taking the hair, skin and nails gummy vitamins by Nature’s Bounty for the past two and half months along with my multivitamin. I finished my second bottle yesterday, and figured I’ve allotted  enough time to determine how I like to product. To start, I am not a fan of gummy vitamin’s, but this is all that’s on the shelf nowadays.

Serving Suggestion:
The bottle recommended taking 2 gummies, but I took 3 with the hope of my body fully absorbing the vitamins.

Color and Taste:
The taste is pretty good, they tasted and looked like the Welch’s fruit snacks.

This is WHY I purchased the vitamins ! I didn’t notice any more growth than normal.

As I get closer to my monthly cycle, I start to break out on my jawline. I will admit that towards the end of the second bottle, my skin was clearer leading up to my monthly visit. This is a major plus as the acne I get leave horrible marks that takes forever to go away.

I didn’t notice any more growth or strengthening than normal.

Final Verdict:
The reviews on hair vitamins are so mixed,  I thought being consistent would have helped. I took the gummies every evening when I took my multivitmin and allergy medicine. These gummies cost a lot less than many of the popular gummies advertised and have the same % of ingredients so that was a major plus.  I did enjoy having clearer skin, but there are supplements just for skin that I can check out. I purchased the vitamins specifically for my hair and didn’t notice any growth (or retention). Overall, these vitamins didn’t offer any more benefit so moving forward, I will just continue takingmy multivitamin.

Have you experienced great results from a hair, skin and nails vitamin? If so, share below !

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