Overcoming Stress With Self-Care

Overcoming stress with self care

It’s not uncommon for us to stress from time to time. It can seemingly come from anywhere. Merely scrolling through Instagram and seeing someone who recently lost weight and looks great can trigger you that day. Heading on a peaceful walk in the park can be stressful if it suddenly starts raining and you got your hair done a few days prior. But of course, we usually have the resilience to overcome these trivial matters. However, sometimes, stress can be all-consuming, and then even one of these small matters could be enough to finally cause us a great deal of burden after adding everything up.

But stress isn’t just a mild annoyance, something to bore and make us miserable with its very presence. It can be a health risk, and even take off years of your life! This is why dealing with stress is just as important as dealing with malnourishment, or a lack of sleep. With targeted and careful advice, you should be able to do that:

Speak Up

Speaking up can often help you get to the crux of the issue. I know you don’t want to cause any problems, and it can be avoided! Strategically think of how to stand up for yourself without causing confrontation. Is it that your colleague is slacking and putting the lion’s share of the project on your desk when really they should be helping out? Reporting this or having a stern word with them might fix the issue. Is a neighbor’s TV echoing through your walls, and causing you to become quite annoyed? Mentioning it to them can often help you overcome those problems with care, and not only this but give you the confidence to escalate things if they don’t go correctly.


Meditation can be the best to reduce your overall levels of stress. When you’re highly-strung, it only takes something quite minimal to set you off. If you have high blood pressure, this can sometimes even be fatal. It’s essential for people to manage themselves and their stress levels, or else worry about continually squashing every fire around them, which is simply impossible to do. It might be that learning meditation for stress can help you come back down to Earth slowly. It could be that going for walks, writing your worries down, or finding stress-busting exercise can help you become a much more down calmer person. I find listening to Podcasts when driving during rush-hour traffic keeps me calm and from honking my horn and weaving through traffic as usual (don’t judge me!) Sometimes an attitude and habit shift is all it takes.

Refine Your Diet

Refining your diet can help you in more ways than one. For example, if you find yourself hungover often, or highly strung on caffeine, or filled with greasy, unhealthy food, you’re going to feel terrible. When you feel awful, you feel irritable. Listen to your body! Some days I know my body wouldn’t accept my favorite alfredo fettuccine and if I force myself, I’d feel gross, so I skip it and have something lighter like soup for lunch. When you feel irritable, stress builds. Refining your diet can be an essential part of health and inner peace, and can give you a more optimistic viewpoint each day. It can also show yourself self-care, which is important because there’s nothing more frustrating than being annoyed and stressed with yourself.

How do you alleviate stress?

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