Party Coming Up? Healthy Recovery Tips For The Hangover Blues

Party Coming Up? Healthy Recovery Tips For The Hangover Blues


No matter how healthy you live, and how deeply worthwhile it is, we will always have our little vices. Some might find peace in a cheat meal once a week, some might enjoy a coke at the movie theater, while others might enjoy indulging during celebratory times such as Christmas or during their birthday. This is perfectly normal and encouraged, and less harmful when balanced with a healthy diet. However, perhaps one of the biggest indulgences is  a celebratory night with the girls. You might drink wine, cocktails and shots over the course of the evening. This might be to celebrate a promotion, a bachelorette party, or any number of happy circumstances.

However, in the morning you’ll feel this. Of course, drinking in moderation is always expected, but hey, it happens #yolo ! It’s never worthwhile to go overboard, and you will always have a better night if you can limit your drinking. I know we often hear this, but drinking enough water between each drink can also help your body sustain a healthy blood alcohol level.  Yes, I am that weird girl who actually sips water between drinks, and  shamelessly brag that I’ve never had a hangover because of it!

But what about the morning? How should you recover immediately to help you return to acting as the pillar of health? Consider these tips:

Electrolytes & Exercise

In the morning, one of the main things you are looking for is to replace your hydration and electrolyte levels. For this reason, sports drinks can be some of the best recovery aids for any hangover. However, why stop there? If you can make it out of bed in the first place, heading to the gym or even your local park can be a wonderful activity to greet the day with.

Exercise will always be valuable, and can really help you sweat out some of the regret of the night before. It can help set up your entire day to be a more productive one also. Getting your body moving, thusly followed by a beautiful sauna session, can help you sweat out all the toxins in your system. From there you might consider cleansing with in order to completely rectify your system and be flush of any difficulty.

Healthy Fats

People will often suggest that pure grease can help you get over a hangover, but this isn’t the most healthy option. Instead, consider healthy fats. You might consider making devilled avocado eggs with bacon cooked in coconut oil. This can help you gain the calories you need while also giving your body much needed nutrients. Consider boosting yourself with a good multivitamin, omega 3 oil, and maybe even some Vitamin D supplementation.


After you have exercised, come back and enjoy a good long sleep. Remember that your sleep from the night before, no matter how long, was corrupted. You deserve to sleep the afternoon away, in a cool, but supportive bedroom. Get comfortable. Play relaxing music. Recharge and regenerate. You will come out feeling like the person you were before you headed out to party. Then, from there you can enjoy living your normal healthy lifestyle. 

How do you cure your hangovers?

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