Party This Summer Without The Consequences

Parties are a lot of fun, at first, but the morning after? Not so much. Name one person who can wake up feeling refreshed and healthy after a night out of 5 + strong drinks! If you can’t, it’s probably because you’ve had an epic time, but it gets old. Let’s start channeling our inner classiness and start partying better. We’ve been trained to believe that parties are synonymous with excess so that we instinctively shut down the little voice at the back of our mind that tells us to stop right now. Stop drinking. Stop eating all those sweet treats. And more importantly, stop showing out. Don’t get me wrong, being bad is fun and okay sometimes, but not all the time! Don’t assume that gatherings can’t be fun if you don’t get drunk at celebrations. On the contrary, it takes only a little tweaking to train yourself to think differently about partying. Are you ready to discover a healthy way to meet up with friends and have a fantastic night without ruining your health?

Limit the drinks, but keep it fun

Ultimately, unless you’ve decided to go fully sober, it would be foolish to imagine a party without a drink. However, if you intend to make the most of the evening, choose your drink wisely. Indeed, a delicious cocktail – you can find exciting cocktail recipes to try here – can transform your experience of the party. Too many party-goers fall in the trap of alcohol and socialization. It can be tricky to limit your consumption when you can’t find a satisfying drink in the first place. Quantity can replace the taste, and on the next day, your skin feels tired and dry. Instead, your one glass of the evening can be the highlight of the party and gives you plenty of time to consume water and hydrate your skin too.

Stay away from ALL of the snacks!

What is the typical party food? Carb-heavy salty and sweet snacks are always on the party table – as if we didn’t drink enough of our calories already, right? So, if you’re throwing a party with friends at home, it’s a good idea to plan some time ahead to prepare a handful of healthy and delicious snacks, too. Try mixing in more robust options like fresh melon caprese skewers are the perfect choice in summer, and they go well with a mimosa cocktail. For something a little heartier, try polenta bites with tomatoes. It will be tricky at first to build a party food menu that doesn’t involve ALL processed foods and treats, but your guests and you will appreciate the healthier options the next day.

Remember your why

Your party is all about gathering people and spending some quality time together. You don’t throw a party for the drinks or the food, you can do that alone. Friends shouldn’t need to get wasted to find a way to talk and laugh together. Build your party with your friends at the center; it’s a celebration of friendship, not a collection of beer bottles. When you reset your priorities, you can begin to enjoy the gathering for what it is; a way recenter your priorities around your friends in a hectic life.

It’s time to part with the old ways and understand that we need to change the way we party. People, alcohol and good food have always been at the very core of home parties. But when you choose your drink and food carefully, your friends and family become the beating heart of the party and fun takes a new meaning. What are some healthy and tasty snacks you like to sat out for gatherings?

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