Resort Review: Margaritaville – Grand Cayman

Resort Review: Margaritaville - Grand Cayman

My family and I just returned from a week-long vacation at Margaritaville Beach Resort in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Last year, we visited Cancun and really enjoyed ourselves, so we decided to visit another location in the Caribbean. I can honestly say Grand Cayman has the best beach I’ve ever visited. Seven Mile Beach is the type of beach you see in stock photos, postcards, and magazines! The water was so clear, I am not used to beaches like this on the East Coast. I will be publishing a separate review on my experience in Grand Cayman itself separately and along with things to do there. If you are looking for a laid-back vacation, Grand Cayman is the place to visit! Read my review below to learn if Margaritaville is the resort for your vacation if you make the trip!

Location of Margaritaville in Grand Cayman

Margaritaville Beach Resort is about 15 minutes away from Owen Roberts International Airport. Being so close, I did not reserve private pick-up like I did when we visited Villa Del Palmar in Cancun last year. The taxi fare was USD 20. You’re thinking, $20 for just a 4-mile drive? Their gas is almost USD 6/gallon! Margaritaville Beach Resort is at the tail end of all of the other seven-mile beach resorts. Margaritaville has its own beach for guests, but I’d recommend walking five minutes down the road to get to seven-mile beach. Within walking distance of the resort, there’s seven-mile beach, plenty of restaurants and other resorts so what one resort don’t have, you can walk to another. We needed to withdrawal cash, so we walked over to the Comfort Suites Resort. If you’re up for walking 1 – 2.5 miles, you can walk to many of the excursion sites from the resort as well. Again, walking in 90 degrees isn’t ideal, but at $10 (or $20 round trip) to go one mile down the road got super expensive. Margaritaville Beach Resort also offers free bike rentals for guests to get around.

How Did I Find The Resort?

Actually, my boyfriend mentioned Grand Cayman and about a day later, I saw an episode of House Hunters International on HGTV and knew I wanted to go there! After doing some research on a lot of the resorts, I decided on Margaritaville because of availability, the location, their food (I’ve gone to a few of their restaurants) and the price. Admittedly, I did not come to a final decision on our vacation location until a month before our visit, so my options of where to stay were limited. I don’t regret staying at Maragritaville at all, it’s very cozy and charming.

Customer Service at Margaritaville Resort

We did not need assistance with anything, but I’d rate their customer service with 5 stars. We arrived earlier than the 3:00 PM check-in time, and a room was readily available for us. Upon checking out, a taxi was already there to take us to the airport. Every staff member we encountered were not only down to earth, but exuded a warm presence about them. They were friendly, and it felt more like a family. Being a small resort, the staff learned who you were and your preferences.

Rooms at Margaritaville

The room was clean and we were greeted with a pleasant surprise of fresh fruit and a little a note. We had the option for daily housekeeping, but did not need it much. Everyday, we were given water bottles, this was a plus considering the humid climate. The rooms did not include microwaves so reheating food was not an option, but there was a refrigerator.

Activities and Things to do at Margaritaville Beach Resort

The resort offers two pools and one hot tub for guests to enjoy. Around the pool were games for guests to enjoy in and out of the water. From my recollection, there was a human size chess board (Yes, kind of like from Harry Potter), Connect 4, human size Jenga, and pool floats and balls to enjoy. Beyond this, there was the resort’s small private beach. I believe they also offered free kayaks for guests to enjoy in the ocean. You may be wondering, what did I do for a whole week? I had excursions planned, explored the city, and spent more time down at seven-mile beach.

first pool at margaritaville grand cayman

Food at Margartivaville – Grand Cayman

quesadilla at margaritaville
Quesadilla at Margaritaville Grand Cayman Beach Resort

This is where things got a bit tricky for us, the website did not embellish about anything that they had to offer, but the resort is rather small. Honestly, I thought their eateries and bars would be standalone establishments on the resort like their Eating House and Spread restaurants, but they were like kiosks (think Auntie Anne’s at the mall) with limited options. However, the breakfast was delicious! It was housed in the Eating House restaurant and they offered a full menu, not a measly continental breakfast. We paid a bit extra to have breakfast included in our stay so it was at no cost to us, oh boy did we save! By time you add your coffee, tea and/or juice to your breakfast, we would have spent triple the amount than what we paid in advance. It included items like steak and eggs, french toast, breakfast burrito and it was all filling and yummy. Often times, I wouldn’t be hungry until about 3:00 P.M. and what I had for lunch would be enough to save for dinner as well. The resort’s, 5 O’clock Somewhere Bar had food you’d expect from the Margaritaville Restaurant. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a few pictures of some of the food, but I ordered typical finger food for lunch: Quesadillas, french fries, pizza, and burgers (Don’t judge me, I was on vacation!) Admittedly, the food was really good compared to the other places we tried on the island.

How Much Cash Did I take with me?

I took $95 in cash with me and my significant other used his card for everything else! American Dollars is widely accepted, so we did not need to exchange our money at all. Unfortunately, The American Dollar isn’t doing too well so while I could use our money there, everything was listed in the Cayman Islands currency, so I ended up spending more. Many places also automatically included a 15% (no matter the party size) gratuity. In the US, an Arizona Ice Tea can is 0.99 cents! There, it was over $4.00 AND included a 15% gratuity. A $12 CI dollar burger resulted in being over $16 USD. Altogether, we spent $250 per person on food for the week.

Which Airline Did We Fly to get to Grand Cayman?

We flew Delta Airlines there and American Airlines for our return flight. My boyfriend and I shared a large suitcase and checked it in. The cost was $30 each way so $60 in total. This was my first time flying Delta, and I was very impressed. I typically fly Spirit, so I was not used to all of the amenities offered by other airlines. Not only did Delta offer in-flight movies and TV shows on what appeared to be a 7-8″ screen, if you didn’t have earbuds they were complimentary! However, the restroom on the Delta plane was super small. Similarly, American Airlines also offered in-flight movies and tv shows, but you had to download their app to your phone to watch them. In contrast, American Airline’s restrooms are bigger.

Overall, excluding the layovers, the flight was about four hours which isn’t bad at all when you have movies to watch. I never got to see Mama Mia this past summer, so that was a real treat to watch during the flight. Owen Roberts International airport is small. I believe they only have about 9 or 10 gates. The planes don’t actually connect, and patrons walk up the ramp like at typical airports. We actually walked down the stairs off the plane and walked to the airport.


To sum it up, I enjoyed myself at the resort. While the resort didn’t offer as much as other nearby resorts I had hoped to stay at, it was within walking distance of things to do! Considering we arrived the week before Christmas, there weren’t many kids there, but it is family friendly resort. The plus side of this, we didn’t have to wait to play any of the games, the pools and beach were never crowded. Additionally, we didn’t experience any fuss nor crowds, so it was a very peaceful stay. Would I return? Possibly! I actually enjoyed walking around to other places. I would have never checked out the other spots if the resort had it all. Being a friendly place, I felt safe walking everywhere we went..

Have you visited the Grand Cayman? Where Did you stay?

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