Restaurant Review: Succotash at the National Harbor in MD

Succotash Restaurant Review


I have visited this restaurant more than a couple of times, but most recently took my mom to Succotash for brunch on her birthday. Succotash offers southern cuisine with a few Asian features. Fusion restaurants must be a popular thing (or I wasn’t aware of them) because a few years ago, I had brunch at a Mexican/Asian place.


Succotash is located at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, MD. This is about 15 minutes outside of Washington, DC.

Customer Service:

Everyone I have encountered at this establishment has been very friendly and professional. I made a reservation for our visit because I figured they would be busy for brunch because many are on weekends. We were seated within 5 minutes of walking into the restaurant. Everything from there went well. We never had to look for our waiter to refill our drinks, and we didn’t wait longer than about 20 minutes for our meal.


We ordered TASTE THE SOUTH. This is somewhat of a 3-4 course meal, but must be ordered by the entire table. Everything you order will come in a shareable appetizer size for the entire table. The food was delicious and I also ordered a side of cheesy grits. We enjoyed everything from the sticky buns to the salad! My favorite foods to order from Succotash are the chicken and waffles with cheesy grits. The cheesy grits remind me of how my grandmother used to make her grits = homemade taste. The chicken was crunchy but very tender on the inside! It had a sweet flavor that I’ve never had before but loved it which also complimented the waffles and syrup. My boyfriend really enjoys the steak and said it may be one of the best steaks he’s ordered (in a while). We’ve been on a mission for a while to find the best steakhouse in the DC area so I was surprised when he made that comment.


The prices are moderate. You can expect to spend about $20-$45 per person, but the food is well worth the price.


The ambiance was nice, the customer service was great and the food was delicious. We have returned a few times since going for my mom’s birthday. It’s fair to say, it’s apart of our favorite restaurant list until my boyfriend gets tired of eating the steak.


Do you have a favorite southern cuisine restaurant in your city? If so, share it below!

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