Start Saving For Summer Now

Summer will be here before you know it. The sun will be out, the air will be warm, and we’ll all be enjoying sipping cold drinks and wearing loose summery layers. It’s a time for sundresses, brunch at rooftop restaurants, relaxing at the beach and generally enjoying the warm weather. But, summer can also be expensive.

Whether you’ve already booked a vacay, you are saving for spending money and extras, or you are still looking for the perfect destination. Even if you don’t plan on going away, a summer at home can be expensive as you enjoy time at the beach, exploring your local area and taking some time away from work. Many of us also use the warmer weather as an excellent opportunity to get stuck into some home improvements, which come with their costs.

Now is the perfect time to get saving. Summer is around the corner, but with Christmas and Valentine’s Day are well out of the way; there’s nothing big coming up to take away all of your spare cash, and this can be your perfect chance to start saving.

Make A Plan

If you want to save for summer or any other specific event, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Work out how much you need to save and how long you’ve got to save it. Break this down into months or weeks. You can even give yourself a daily spending allowance if that makes it easier for you. We all save differently.

Once you know how much you need to save you can start looking at ways to do it. Build a budget spreadsheet and try to spot easy things to cut. If there’s anything that you spend money on that you don’t really need? Or that you need less of? Could you spend less on food or travel? Sometimes, being organized and getting to grips with your finances makes saving much simpler.

Start Couponing

Spending less is great, but avoiding spending altogether is impossible. Sometimes, you’ll have to spend. But, you don’t always have to pay full price. Use a coupons app to look for deals, compare the prices in different shops and keep your eyes open for deals.

Shop Sales

There’s still a while to go, which gives you a chance to look for everything that you need for your summer in sales. Make a list of everything that you need, including sunscreen, sunglasses and any summer clothes. When shops have sales and deals, look for the things on your list.

Challenge Sales

A lot of us struggle to save because it’s boring. It’s like dieting. We can’t do it because it’s cutting something that we like and it makes us grumpy. Setting yourself challenges can make it more interesting. Give yourself a spending allowance, or challenge yourself to save $1 a day. Look at Digit! Digit look at your spending and take very small amounts from your bank and put into a savings account. The amounts are so small, you won’t notice the money. In two months of using the app, I’ve already saved close to $300. Check it out here!

Then, when you succeed, reward yourself with a no spend treat. Have a long bubble bath, watch your favorite movie or cook your favorite comforting meal. Find ways to make saving more fun, and you’ll be more likely to stick to it.

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