7 Things I Learned From My First Coachella Music Festival

7 things I learned from Coachella 2018

It doesn’t matter how many concerts you’ve been to. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen your favorite artist perform. Finally, it doesn’t matter if you’ve watched recorded performances from Coachella. Attending it in real life is like no other. Here are some of my top tips if next year will be your first year.

Self- Expression is Big

You can research all the boho themed outfits as you’d like, but many stores do not capture what you’ll actually see on the festival fields! Swimwear, mesh, pasties and catsuits/unitards/bodysuits are more common than boho wear. Have an open mind if you are fairly conservative is all I can say LOL!

Comfortable Shoes Will Not Keep Your Feet From Hurting

I can not express this enough. The parking lot and shuttle drop off is about a half mile from the fields alone, and once you’re on the fields…. there’s a ton of more walking. I averaged about 20,000 steps per day. This does not compare to a dance class (where these steps can be made in an hour) because it is spread out, and also includes LOTS of standing for hours. I took breaks and refuge in the American Express lounge to give my feet a rest. Others who could not, averaged about 30,000 steps. Guys, this is over 10-15 miles of walking per day.

Bandanas Are Not A Fashion Statement

Initially, I wondered why so many people had bandanas covering their face and figured it was a Californian thing. It’s not. There’s so much dust on the fields, people use them and surgical masks to keep the dust from getting in their nose and mouth! If the wind blows, the dust gets stuck to your lipstick/lipgloss. I was okay after day one, but day two and three was almost unbearable! I highly suggest converging your nose or packing a neti pot with you to use every night.

You May Not Get To See Everyone On Your List

With over 50 performances being held on different stages, there’s a chance you may not see your favorite artist unless they’re a headliner. The headliners perform last during the evening.


The Food Prices Are Extremely High

I budgeted $400 for myself for food, drinks and souvenirs for the weekend. I didn’t spend close to that because the prices were absurd! My boyfriend and I spent about $200 each for the whole weekend so we saved half of our projected budget. A cup of lemonade was $9 and a sandwich was twice the cost. I’m from the city so everything that was offered, I could easily have at home for less. I picked up a case of water, fruit and things that could easily heat up in the microwave from the nearest supermarket.

Be The Person You Are When You’re Alone

Have fun! No one will judge you or care how loud you sing during the performances. Scream at the top of your lungs if you want, and wear that outfit that you’ve been waiting for a “special event” to go to.


Spend More To Stay As Close As Possible To The Fields

As the title suggests, staying closer is better! Traffic is horrendous during the weekend and what would take you 15-20 minutes will take you over an hour which can cause you to miss a performance. Either give yourself plenty of time for stop and go traffic or stay close to the field so it’s not an issue.


Have you ever gone to Coachella or a similar festival? What other tips can you suggest?


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