Three Ways You Can Improve Your Life in Just Three Months

Three Ways You Can Improve Your Life in Just Three Months

Are you in a bit of a rut? Long working days, pressure from jobs, family and relationships and lack of self care can all take their toll. Are you ready to make a change? Three months is what you need! It’s not a long time frame in the grand scheme of things, but put these things in action, and at the end of 12 weeks, you will feel like a brand new person

Focus on Health

When your body has been provided with everything it needs, it can thrive and you will feel at your very best. Health isn’t just following a diet, it’s also about your lifestyle. Most people find when it comes to food, eating healthily 80% of the time allows them to enjoy treats and indulge a little the rest of the time without sabotaging their health or goals. Exercise needs to be something you enjoy if you want to make it stick, if going to the gym, running at 6am before working or playing a  sport sounds like torture then don’t do these things! Find activities that are right for you, it could be swimming, hiking with your dog or a dance class. Ask a friend or a loved one to exercise with you, you can motivate each other and you’re more likely to stick to it. Bare in mind, don’t ask or force someone who’s really not interested! When they decide to bail,  you’d be likely to quit also. If you get a fitness tracker these can help you to achieve your goals, as you can see just how much activity you’re getting. Health is also based on getting enough sleep, and also relaxation time. It’s easy to put it off, claiming you ‘don’t get time’ to relax. But this isn’t a luxury, it’s absolutely vital to good health. It could be having a long, hot bath in the evening, or spending a Sunday with your feet up doing absolutely nothing. It could be going on a relaxing walk, watching a movie or enjoying a relaxing hobby such as crafting or cooking. Whatever helps you to zone out and puts you in a happy mood.

Get Spiritual

Spiritual people tend to be gracious, forgiving and compassionate, they take the time to enjoy and savor life experiences. These are of course things we could all stand to improve in our lives, and so taking steps to be more spiritual could improve your life in many ways. Spirituality is defined as being focused on the human spirit instead of physical or material things. It’s not a religion or any set way of thinking- it can be whatever you want it to be. You can become more spiritual by spending time in nature, practicing gratitude, meditation and reading spiritual teachings. If you’re up to it, you could have a psychic reading online or go and meet a medium, clairvoyant or fortune teller. Being spiritual can help you to understand your own mind better and give you a new perspective on life.

Be More Social

Our lives are meaningless without love,  friends, family and our partner (if you have one) should all be a priority. Stop turning down social invites, or going weeks or months at a time without investing proper time into the people you care about. Make an effort, ideally to meet your loved ones in person, but at the very least, pick up the phone! Start rebuilding relationships that have grown apart, your life will be so much better for it.

When you’re in a rut, what are some things you do to feel better?

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