Weekend Recap in Baltimore, MD – The Four Seasons and 50 Shades Freed

weekend in baltimore, md

To continue our first Valentine’s Day together, we booked a weekend in Baltimore, MD. Baltimore is about an hour away from Washington DC. We made plans to stay at The Four Seasons because it is in the inner harbor, close to shops and a movie theater within walking distance! Also, my boyfriend was excited to check out the Wit and Wisdom restaurant in the hotel. If you follow any of my restaurant reviews, you know my boyfriend loves steak so that was definitely his go-to for dinner.

We started the weekend by relaxing and staying in because it started to snow within an hour of checking in. The Wit and Wisdom restaurant is on-site so we went to dinner there the first night. The restaurant had a very intimate feel with dim lighting, couches for lounging with friends and a welcoming bar area.

We tried the lobster corn dogs and they were interesting, but didn’t taste bad at all. Would I try them again? No. They were worth trying once though. Being in Maryland, I had to order a crab cake for dinner. There were a lot of shells mixed in to it, but it was good. My boyfriend ordered the steak and requested it to be cooked medium well, but it arrived well done.

Wit and Wisdom also prepares the room service meals. We ordered breakfast both mornings during our stay and that was pretty good. I mean, how can you mess up on waffles? Overall, we were satisfied with the food.

I wanted to see, 50 Shades Freed so we went out to see that on Sunday. If you’re not familiar with the DC, MD and VA (DMV) weather, here’s the low-down: It will snow and be 50-60 degrees the following day. It had ALL  melted by noon on Sunday. Many people consider the movie to be very exotic and explicit, but I find that they’re all tasteful and classy! I love how Ana, especially in this one has found her true voice and didn’t hesitate telling Christian her demands! I will admit that through out the entire film, I kind of was waiting for the film to actually start. There weren’t any ‘on the edge’ scenes. I would have chosen to see, The Black Panther, but it was sold out days before premiering. That is definitely on my list to watch NEXT. We did not return to Wit and Wisdom even though it is on-site of the hotel and had our final dinner in Baltimore at P.F. Changs.

Weekends like this are great for my boyfriend and I because we both have fairly demanding schedules so a weekend to get away from it all to simply relax and rejuvenate is very much appreciated by us both!

How did you spend your long weekend (if you had one?)

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