What Does Your Dream Home Consists Of?

Isn’t it the life end goal to finally own your dream home? That’s what many of us are working towards. Indeed there are many new homes being made for the average homeowner or the young family that wants to get onto the property ladder but a dream home is very different. A whole other market exists purely for these sorts of homes because as you can imagine, a dream home is going to be perfect. Large rooms on the ground floor with many of them being in the open plan design. The kitchen is going to be fit for a queen, while the entertainment value is everywhere to be seen. Whether it’s a movie, a game room or the classic outdoor swimming pool the dream home will keep you busy. But not everyone is the same, so what kind of dream home would you like?


Location is a very strong contender when it comes to dream homes. For that reason, the classic beach home has never died away but in fact, increased in demand. Hello, Beachouse Bargain Hunt on HGTV! The view of the ocean, sights of the waves tumbling and coming ashore while the sun gently bounces its rays off the surface of the water is the most important aspect. For that view and the location alone, the price can jump up to double or triple what the usual amount of the home would be if it were located in a normal suburban neighborhood. What about exotic or rather, futuristic locations? Penthouse homes are being built nearer toward the central area of major cities. The houses have a height advantage to give you a great view but are still classed as urban properties.


If not the location, then the ability to have your own patch in the world is perhaps the best selling point. Seclusion and privacy are highly prized in this market, so homes with their own tree and hedge lines are very sorted after. You’ll find these kinds of luxury and grandiose properties on Sotheby’s Realty where you can explore the different features they sell. They are experts in the multi-million dollar dream home property market and know all the ins and outs about it. They have services for both sellers and buyers thus they work with both parties to bring them closer together when a sale is being entertained. They will also value your home properly as you can’t just go to any kind of real estate agent when you’re dealing with acres of land and mansions. Since a lot of money is on the line, it’s important that you have these services expertly understood and executed.


We all have our list of amenities a home must have such as the number of bedrooms, reading nook or a large walk-in closets! These are things we typically can’t demand in our starter home as we’re just getting our baring as becoming home owners for the first time. We search Pinterest and create these lavish boards just for this purpose so when we have our moment, we know exactly what we are looking for!

What does your dream home consists of?

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