What I learned from 25, Going on 26.


what I learned from 25

This year has been pretty good to me. By the time you will read this, I will be 26. I am officially closer to 30 than 20 now, and I’m okay with that!

This is one of those obligatory posts that many bloggers pay homage to once a year which really reminds me why blogging is a thing. Here are my top 10 lessons I’ve learned this year from 25. Nope, nothing big happened,  but it’s all the small things that matter (to me).

1. I stopped comparing my real life to people’s social media perfect” life. We all curate what we want to display to the world, myself included. I’ve learned to stop believing and caring about the hype.

2. I realized sometimes the perfect Friday night or weekend is just staying home!

3. I love learning, I will forever be a student. This year, I taught myself to coupon and with the start of this blog, I’ve learned endless things!

4. I’m very direct. My friends love the refreshing candor. People who aren’t familiar with me  typically love me or hate me right away for it. I’ve tried changing, but it come across so fake that I don’t even like that side of me. I will just be me.

5. I paid off a credit card. Yes, I paid off a credit card. I learned to stop using a card long enough to pay it off. What a relief! The remainder of my debt will be paid off by the end of 2018. Stay Tuned.

6. I started saving money! My financial health is getting better. I am saving pretty regularly now, not a lot, but at least it’s something !

7. It’s okay to let go of old friends. To start, I only have a hand full of friends and I mean that literally. I met many of my friends by high school with the exception of one from college so to let go of a friend from elementary within the last year was hard, but we aren’t on the same life paths, and I didn’t need those negative vibes around so my directness took over and I had to let her go!

8. Despite not using my college degree, International Affairs, I don’t regret it one bit.

9. Mom was/is/will be always right.

10. Always follow your intuition. I used to ignore it all the time, and now, whatever I feel, I follow and don’t second guess it at all!

Well, these are my top 10 (memorable) lessons of the year.

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